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Cimcime Park and Soft Play Turkey are Turkey’s modern, innovative and premium quality ball pool, trampoline, trampoline park, climbing wall and indoor play ground manufacturer company. Ourcompany, which grows and develops day by day, offers thousands of children an enjoy able and safe playgrounds. Ourcompany have in North Africaregionwith 2 different dealers. All products are manufactured in accordance with EN1176 and EN1177 certificates. Soft Play Turkey and Memo Parc Turkey secure all businesses by using raw materials that are not harmful to health.

Ourproducts not only provide the best service to our many business over seas dealers and child in the world has adopted the principle in Turkey. You can use our Soft Play and Trampolines in restaurants, cafes, teagardens, hairdressers, children’s entertainment areas, wedding salons and many other places.




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